Development and Prospect of Ceramic Bearings and Ceramic Bearings

Release time: 2017-09-12

    First, the classification of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings

    According to the material points: ceramic bearings can be divided into zirconia ceramic bearings, silicon nitride ceramic bearings, ceramic composite bearings.

    According to the structure: ceramic bearings can be divided into: zirconia belt holder ceramic bearings, silicon nitride tape holder ceramic bearings, composite belt holder ceramic bearings. (GRPA66-25), special engineering plastics (PEEK, PI), stainless steel (SUS316, SUS304), glass fiber reinforced nylon 66 (GRPA66-25), special engineering plastics (PEEK, PI), stainless steel (SUS316, SUS304), stainless steel (SUS316, SUS304) Brass (Cu) and so on. Ceramic material cage due to pocket hole processing, molding technology and other problems, and now also less used; due to the material limitations of the holder for the special use of the occasion has developed a non-holder of zirconia full ceramic bearings and silicon nitride full Full ceramic bearings and composite full ball ceramic bearings.

    According to the integrity of the material points: the above mentioned ceramic bearing the main components of the inner and outer ring and rolling body is the use of ceramic materials, is defined as ceramic bearings; if the bearing inner and outer ring and rolling part of the ceramic material is not used when we It is defined as mixed ceramic bearings. Hybrid ceramic bearings in the use of a wide range of ball is the use of ceramic materials known as ceramic ball bearings, can be divided into zirconia ceramic ball bearings, silicon nitride ceramic ball bearings.

    Different materials and different structure of the ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings need to pay attention to the use of different problems, the specific details, please consult the ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings professional manufacturer website: www. for more help The

    Second, domestic and foreign ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings research and development overview

    Ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings is a wonderful category in the bearing, is a new technology, new materials, the new structure of a perfect combination.As the carrier of mechanical transmission of the basic pieces, because of its metal bearings can not match the excellent performance , In a variety of special environments, harsh environment has been widely used.Because with high temperature, low temperature, corrosion resistance, power, resistance to magnetic, low density, high strength and other properties in the world of new materials dominate. Over the past decade, in the various fields of people's livelihood has been increasingly widely used. In the aerospace, marine, nuclear industry, petroleum, chemical, textile industry, machinery, metallurgy, electric power, new energy, food, locomotive, subway, high-speed machine tools and scientific research military and other fields need high temperature, Flammable, explosive, strong corrosion, vacuum, electrical insulation, non-magnetic, dry friction, easy to rust and other special conditions of work, ceramic bearings indispensable alternative role is being gradually recognized. With the continuous improvement of processing technology, the increasing level of technology, the cost of ceramic bearings has been declining, from the past only in a number of high, refined, sharp areas of small applications, and gradually extended to the various sectors of the national economy. Production of the market price is also gradually close to the practical, to the extent acceptable to the user through various sectors of the bulk, long-term use of the test.Many successful cases appreciate the ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings brought maintenance-free, long life , High stability, low cost of the superiority of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball from the research, trial production stage to the stage of mass production, large-scale application of the wave has come.

    Third, the development of foreign ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings

    The first set of ceramic bearings were born in the United States (NASA) NASA, since 1972, after the successful development of the first set of ceramic bearings, the world has been competing to develop, develop a new generation of higher performance ceramic bearings, after nearly four years The most prominent effect of ceramic bearings is to greatly improve the bearing life and limit speed, for the development of high-speed and ultra-high speed, high precision machine tools to provide the basic components. In addition, in the high temperature, corrosion, insulation, vacuum, chemical and other industries have also achieved good results. Today's world famous bearing companies are all in research and development, production of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings, and the quality of the product has become a measure of its strength is an important symbol. According to incomplete statistics, so far, foreign production of ceramic bearings are: the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Russia, South Korea, Britain and so on more than a dozen countries. The production of ceramic ball bearings in foreign countries started earlier, the use of a wide range of occasions, such as CNC machine tool with ceramic ball bearings, grinding machine spindle with ceramic ball bearings, ball bearings with ceramic ball bearings. Ceramic ball bearings of high wear resistance, self-lubricating, high speed and other performance has been most vividly play, but also for high-precision machine tools, high-speed machine tools, special environmental equipment has made contributions. As the core components of ceramic ball bearings --- ceramic ball, foreign R & D and competition is also more intense. Norton Corporation of the United States using HIP production of ceramic ball in the international community called first-class level. Currently the world's ceramic ball bearings in the leading level of the main companies are Sweden's SKF, Germany's FAG, France's Saint-Gobain, Japan's NSK, KOYO, NMB (Meipia) and so on.

    Fourth, the domestic ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearing the status quo

    (1), ceramic bearings in the domestic research started late, the current domestic research and development of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings of the University, all: Shanghai Institute of silicate, Shanghai Materials Institute, Shandong Gong Tao, Guangdong University of Technology, Tianjin University, Los axis and so on. Domestic ceramic bearing production enterprises are mainly distributed in Beijing, Shanghai, and Zhejiang. Los axis and Shanghai silicate made some samples, the industry has not yet seen the enterprise. Compared with foreign countries, China's ceramic bearings development situation is not optimistic. China can form the scale of the production of ceramic bearings business almost no. Its roots, of course, is a wide range of factors, such as technical level, talent, capital, especially the market is not clear, lack of confidence. The current domestic ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearing research and development work, in general, there are several aspects of the problem, seriously restricting the development of China's ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings.

    (2), the domestic ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearing research and development problems

    First of all, we are now reported are high-speed, high-precision ceramic ball bearing research and development, and often more around the silicon nitride ball mainly to solve the problem, one is the ceramic ball of the billet research, the other is High-precision ceramic ball processing technology research, in the use of many high-speed machine tools, CNC machine tools, spindle and other high-speed occasions, long life or low noise requirements of the ceramic ball bearings, from beginning to end failed to divorce from the SI3N4 billet manufacturing and processing , The new materials such as: SiC, ZrO2, ZTA, Sialon and other materials is still a small amount of production practice has proved that the application of ZrO2 manufacturers accounted for the vast majority. Due to concerns about the cost of good materials and processes can not be used on a large scale. Haining Kang Knight Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of low noise, dry friction, anti-static ceramic ball bearings and Japan's NMB's the same specifications of the ceramic ball bearings were detailed Of the contrast, in the decibel on the difference between the two db, a good product can do 20db. And foreign products the same. But the price is located in the NMB company about 15%. And domestic appliances can be directly supporting the electrical appliances. But this price compared with ordinary bearings or higher than a big cut, only in the high-end and export of household electrical appliances can be used in the motor.

    Second, the production of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings is a combination of high-tech ceramic and bearing manufacturing technology, both the degree of specialization are high, if not solve the ceramic and bearing industry with the problem, to achieve high-quality high-volume, low Cost production, to meet the market demand is an empty talk. Now, the domestic enterprises can produce bearings can not produce ceramic materials, ceramic materials can produce enterprises can not manufacture bearings, professional and disciplines in the practical application of serious disjoint between the current bearing manufacturers of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings in the professional knowledge In particular, ceramic materials science and engineering research is relatively small, it is well known that the ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearing surface content. Resulting in a ceramic material is made of ceramic bearings is ceramic bearings, ceramic ball is joined by the ceramic ball bearing the situation. Domestic ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings can only be corrosion-resistant, power, magnetic, low speed, light load environment. There is the domestic ceramic materials manufacturing there is a big problem in the process and technology has not yet under the premise of blind pursuit of low prices caused by the performance of the material simply can not achieve the desired results. Making the development of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings into the new astray, but also caused more units to use ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings lose confidence.

    Moreover, as a high-tech product research and development, to go through the technology-intensive investment and capital-intensive investment in two stages, the industrialization of production of ceramic bearings, it is necessary to overcome many technical difficulties, and the use of problems and the need for greater capital investment To grasp the market positioning, the need for insight in the industry to develop domestic ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings of the high standards of responsibility. Low-cost competition is bound to bring about shoddy and further deterioration of the market. The accumulation of primitive capital and continued reinvestment must serve the development of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings to higher quality areas. China's ceramic bearings at this stage of the performance of the performance of scattered, fragmented, small-scale localized production of the lack of overall awareness and macro strategic thinking.

    5, look forward to the use of ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings prospects

    Ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings have many excellent properties such as: self-lubricating, high temperature, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic, electrical insulation, etc., yet to be developed in a wider area of use, the potential application area is enormous. The first high-quality high-speed ceramic ball bearings: can be a good service in the domestic machine tool industry, high-speed, high-precision spindle, spindle spindle bearing a considerable amount of estimated annual demand in a few sets of more than a few sets. But the high precision machine tool spindle bearing requirements of the relatively high precision machining, the quality of more demanding, like the P4 class requirements G5 level above the high-precision ceramic ball, the current domestic manufacturers can produce very few, the stability of the product is also poor. Second, the quality of ceramic bearings in the oil exploration, crude oil smelting, especially fine chemicals, chemical fiber, new energy, printing and dyeing, electroplating industry, sewage treatment, marine development, deep water pump, acid pump, high temperature, vacuum, Electrical insulation, medicine and health, X-ray tube and food industry and many other areas can be widely and good use. Many, only require the general accuracy level; medium and low speed and load; require a certain concentration of resistance to acid, alkali, salt corrosion; resistant to 300 ~ 400 ℃ high temperature; non-magnetic, electrical, non-toxic; Working medium itself lubrication; in the sea can also be used. In these areas the application of bearings accounted for a very large proportion of special bearings, and ceramic bearings and ceramic ball bearings are fully capable to replace, and can achieve the metal bearing barely competent and incompetent work, engineering ceramics has its irreplaceable position. With such a huge market as a prerequisite, we in the product development and manufacturing can create a new way to broaden the ceramic bearings of the larger application areas. So that new materials, new technology, new technology to better serve the production.